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“It was the best present I could have given myself – I really appreciate all your help!”



"Your services have literally been an answer to my prayers."

Glenn Zalecki


"Working with Organize Your World, Inc. has been life changing, both personally and professionally. At my office, she was able to guide me through a process of eliminating unnecessary paperwork I had saved for many, many years and developing a workable system where I am now able to find what I need in my files, in a matter of seconds! My work surface is clear, my action items are all in one place and my pending projects all have a home. I've saved time, and the emotional drain of looking at stacks of paper has been alleviated.

At my new home, I am able to avoid the clutter of bills to pay, school papers, and a stack of "to file" documents on my counter and now have a place for everything that is accessible and out of the way. My personal paperwork has moved from boxes and folders to carefully labeled files where I am able to quickly retrieve or file what I need. She has been very pleasant and so easy to work with. She moves at your pace and according to your style and never pushes. She operates with extreme professionalism and respect. I feel very lucky to have found a partner to help me create more time, and a better quality life as a result!

Francy Lucido Mirkazemi


"They breathed a breath of fresh air into my home office (and my life); I feel good about walking in here to do just about anything."

Krista Ducharme


"Organize Your World came in and organized my life...quite literally. My files in my study were really getting out of hand. If I had to find a specific piece of information, I would have to look in so many places and even then, may not find it.  Ever since they worked with me and organized my filing, I can confidently know whether I have the information or not. I already know what a difference it has made as our taxes this year were not nearly as traumatic as usual."

Shelly H.


"Like others, we have accumulated a lot of "stuff" over the years...and to my great pleasure and surprise, Organize Your World helped bring sense and order to our home. With their kind, non-judgmental manner, we made great progress and the dreaded experience was both painless and very productive. Instead of opening the door to a "junk room" and hoping no one would ever see it...I now open it just to marvel in all the space we've gained. Give a gift to yourself...have them help you "Organize Your World"."

J. O.


"We hired Organize Your World to help us prepare our home for sale. Many of our closets were cluttered and disorganized. They were a great help in assisting us in ridding our closets and drawers of unnecessary items. They also consolidated and organized the items which we wished to keep. Our closets now look fantastic, and it is so great to be able to easily find everything. What a difference!"

L. & K.

“Her demeanor is perfect for this type of service.  She is calm, relaxed and confident.  Her follow-up was great!  She is committed to her clients’ success.”

Residential Customer


"What a difference Organize Your World’s organizational skills and advice have made in our lives! We can now actually find what we're looking for in our closets and drawers. We especially appreciated their patience and humor in easing us through the process of "purging" years of needless clutter."

R. & C.





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