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Here are some of the topics we offer.

Email Overload
  • Learn how to process your incoming email
  • Discover what is inbox is, and more importantly, what it is not
  • Learn how to file your emails so you can quickly find them
  • Learn how to receive, sort, store, and send your emails effectively and efficiently

From Piles to Smiles

  • Learn how to process your incoming paper
  • Learn how to file your papers so you can quickly find them
  • Learn how to organize your to-dos without creating piles
  • Learn how to organize your to-dos without missing appointments, calls, and deadlines

Don't Waste Your Space

  • Learn the essential items every home office should have
  • Learn the principles of organizing your space for maximum efficiency
  • Learn the root causes of clutter and how to avoid them
  • Learn how to get started and stay focused when organizing your space

HELP! I'm Outta Time

  • Learn systems and tools to save you time every day
  • Learn how to recognize and eliminate low priority items from your to-do list
  • Learn how to plan ahead and stay focused on your highest priority items
  • Learn how to plan your day

Multitasking Madness

  • Learn how multi-tasking affects your productivity
  • Learn how to identify and deal with interruptions
  • Learn how to plan your day to minimize multi-tasking

STEP Seminar

This on-site seminar is designed to help people become more productive by educating them on the fundamentals of organizing in the areas of space, time, electronic files and paper.

STEP Seminar participants will receive training in the following areas:

  • Space – the principles of organizing space for maximum efficiency
  • Time – the fundamentals of time management, including setting priorities, managing your calendar, and achieving work / life balance
  • Electronic Files – the essentials of organizing your electronic files, including emails and electronic documents
  • Paper – effective systems for managing paper flow in your office



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